So, yeah, you can enroll for free in this course. But, life as a “Garager” (that’s what we call ourselves) asks a non-remunerative price. We have high expectations. And, we’re gonna hold you to them. Because, failure to do the work that needs to be done not only delays your transformation into a self-aware, globally conscious kick-ass human being. It also forestalls the emergence of a better world and tarnishes our reputation. Not doing the work is not acceptable. But, life as a “Garager” also has its benefits. We usually get overlooked by traditional power brokers (at least for a period of time). This is good. Because, we don’t get crushed by their expectations. We also don’t show up in their peripheral vision. This gives us creep. And, there are few things more rewarding than the look on the faces of some of those who are sitting at the big table when we show up understaffed, under-resourced, and sitting alongside of them. Well, one thing is better. And, that’s turning down their invitation in the first place. Because we’re too busy building our own tables, in our towns.